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When your Doula is also an advocate for you


What can I say about Alysa? She is absolutely amazing. When we first met, she was so calming, so fun, so bubbly, so knowledgeable, and just one of the kindest people I have ever met. She made me feel so comfortable with my anxiety about being pregnant because my pregnancy was a surprise pregnancy. She was there through everything, she always kept in contact with me through text, through call, she came out and saw me numerous times. She brought these amazing essential oils for me to smell and pick so I had something that I like during labor. She brought all kinds of information, all kinds of pamphlets and books, and all kinds of different things for me to read up on.

When it came down to being due to have the baby, she was on call for me. She was constantly texting me, checking up on me, seeing how I was feeling. When labor hit it was very spontaneous, it was not like any of the other labors I've ever experienced. My water broke while driving. She was very calming when I called her to let her know and she said I'm on my way, I will meet you at the hospital. Upon arrival at the hospital, she came in ready with her hospital bag. She brought these amazing LED light candles that were so relaxing, immediately set up the essential oil machine with lavender that we requested, and she was standing by me every step of the way. She always asked me if there was anything, did I need any type of massage or any type of drink, if I want or food or anything that she could do to help me feel comfortable.

She was the best advocate I could ever have. The nurse that I had was very by the book, very strict, tried to take away my moment and was very rude, was very medical textbook, where my doula was letting her know and everyone else know that this is Jessica's pregnancy, this is Jessica's birth, this is what Jessica wants, and just kept advocating for me. She was right there when I was giving birth and never left my side.

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