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Our care model

In our unique approach to doula care, two doulas work together to provide comprehensive support to clients, with one designated as the lead doula. The lead doula serves as the main point of contact for the client, offering continuous support throughout the prenatal, labor, and immediate postpartum periods, while the other doula provides additional support, expertise, and resources.

Our approach to pregnancy:

Intentional care is the key to any birth methodology. Our strategy for your questions on "what-to-do" and "when" is simple: we provide proactive support inside the 3rd trimester. Late pregnancy is an opportunity to prepare for an easier birth and softer transition to parenthood. Let's make the most of it together. 

Samples of our prenatal care program:

Prenatal One

3rd trimester care & keeping

scheduled @ 30-32 weeks


  1. Investigate birth physiology & complementary medicine supports

  2. Enroll in childbirth education, breastfeeding, & infant care classes

  3. Start spending 1 minute each day focusing on your breath

Prenatal Two

Baby's hotspots

scheduled @ 32-34 weeks

  1. Get to know your baby and where they are in the belly

  2. Stick to a body balancing routine

  3. Start spending 2 minutes each day focusing on your breath

Prenatal Three

Bridge to birth

scheduled @ 35-37 weeks

  1. Begin any desired softening care techniques 

  2. Share birth plan with care providers

  3. Start spending 3 minutes each day focusing on your breath

& our approach to birth:

Our role is to provide support and assistance to you and any partner or family throughout the entire labor and delivery process. This includes offering emotional support, physical comfort measures, and informational guidance. We also create a calming and reassuring environment, advocate for your birth preferences, and ensure you feel empowered and informed in your decision-making. We provide relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, massage, positioning suggestions, and other comfort measures to help manage discomfort in labor and promote progress.


Finally, our doulas maintain a supportive presence and offer encouragement, reassurance, and guidance as needed. We aim to enhance your sense of control, confidence, and overall well-being during this transformative experience.

Our birth support promotes:
Relaxing Candles

Rest & Relaxation

Relaxing during labor helps promote a more efficient and comfortable birthing experience by reducing tension, allowing the body to work harmoniously, and facilitating the release of endorphins that can help manage pain and enhance the progress of labor.


Your 5 senses

Using your five senses during labor helps create a holistic and immersive experience, allowing you to engage fully with your surroundings, enhance relaxation, manage pain, and connect deeply with the birthing process.

Traditional Indian Drums

Rhythm making

Rhythm during labor helps by providing a sense of focus, relaxation, and continuity, facilitating the release of endorphins, promoting optimal labor progress, and enhancing your overall sense of control and coping capabilities during this transformative experience.

Doula at Home


Positioning during labor helps facilitate optimal fetal positioning, maximize comfort, and promote effective contractions, allowing for better progress and potentially reducing the need for medical interventions.

Image by Hannah Busing


Connection with others during labor helps by providing comfort, reassurance, and guidance, which can reduce anxiety, enhance coping mechanisms, and foster a positive mindset, ultimately promoting a more positive birth experience.

Assisted Water Birth


Water during labor helps by providing soothing and buoyant support, promoting relaxation, pain relief, and increased mobility, creating a calming environment that can enhance the birthing person's sense of control and comfort.

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