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Reiki Energy Healing


Doula care add-on only

About this service

Specialized offering for expectant parents, focusing on the transformative benefits of Reiki

Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive energy healing technique that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Reiki works by invoking the universal energy of life and gently flushing, healing, and balancing your main chakras, or centers of energy flow.

There are 7 main chakras, each with their own distinct symbol, color, energy flow, and mind-body connection. These are:

  • Crown - Purple - Top of your head - Spirituality/divinity

  • Third Eye - Indigo - At or about your eyeline - Intuition or gut feelings

  • Throat - Blue - Your voicebox - Self-expression, communication

  • Heart - Green - At your chest - Relationships, compassion/self-acceptance

  • Solar Plexus - Yellow - Diaphragm - Movement or motivations/goals

  • Sacral - Orange - At your belly button - Emotions, touch and feel

  • Root - Red - Your pelvis - Home, grounding, foundations

Your life's energy, your subtle body, flows in (up) and out (down) like a brook, beginning in your Root chakra at the base of your spine, up to your Crown chakra, and back down again, through to the Earth to share with others. Reiki assists your natural energetic flow by infusing your chakras with more of life's energy, and is able to unblock, stabilize, and heal the chakras that may be malfunctioning.

For example, I may feel a blockage at the Throat chakra and work with Reiki to reduce that blockage. Perhaps then you become more relaxed, and become more willing to share what's on your mind with others.

Or, maybe you are in early labor. Maybe things are not starting out as you planned, maybe it's taking a long time, and your anxiety and fear desperately need a break. By working with Reiki and the Crown and Root chakras, maybe I sense that these chakras have shrunk. Or maybe they are still, when they should whir and spin under my hands. Reiki can stimulate these chakras and encourage balance, softness, and openess to receive and welcome the changes of labor. Perhaps afterwards you are feeling more settled, have a surer footing, and renewed confidence to engage with your contractions.

The chakras are found in ancient traditions from all across the world, but are perhaps best known to be inspired by Buddhist and Hindu texts. By contrast, Reiki is from 1920's Japan. Reiki took the chakras - a set of concepts that had been heavily influenced by medicalization and exoticism in the West - and repurposed them into a form of energy healing. Resources are available for those curious about Reiki's lore!

What is reiki, and what can I expect during a reiki session?

Please note: This program is only available to doula clients.

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Reiki sessions during pregnancy create a serene and nurturing environment, facilitating relaxation, reducing tension, and supporting harmony within the body.

Satisfied pregnant clients report:

  • Reduction of stress and promotion of full-body relaxation

  • A sense of balance and harmony or equilibrium

  • Relief of pain and discomfort

  • Feeling a strong pre-birth bond with their baby

  • Emotional release and supportive care

Postpartum Reiki sessions assist in physical and emotional healing, promoting relaxation, rejuvenation, and natural recovery.

Satisfied postpartum clients report:

  • Restored energetic harmony

  • Enhanced bonding with baby

  • Promotion of physical healing

  • Relaxation and stress reduction

  • Improved sleep

Our program creates a sanctuary of healing and support for a harmonious and empowered pregnancy and postpartum experience. Chakra Birthing Wisdom: Creating balance for pregnancy and birth

Chakra healing and lightwork will usually occur after a prenatal/postpartum meeting ends, so please be aware that our Doulas will need an additional 30 minutes of your time at each timepoint. You will have the option of scheduling your healing sessions separate from your doula appointments. You also have the option to add additional healing sessions for yourself or your co-parent at a mutually agreeable fee.

Join us on this transformative journey and discover the healing benefits of Reiki for yourself!

Our doula practice is a professional member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP).

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