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Devika Lekshmi

Doula, Maternal Public Health Expert, & Active Biostatistician

Doula focus areas:

  • Informed choice, informed consent, informed medical care

  • Ayurvedic and non-Western paradigms of health

  • Wellness for the entire family

I am a doula and biostatistician in obstetrics, originally from Toronto and currently based in Boston. I have an interest in Ayurvedic medicine, and I welcome its principles into my doula practice and offer support to families exploring their own Ayurvedic journey. Exploring alternative options and methods is important to me, as I believe in the power of integrating traditional wisdom with evidence-based practices.

In addition to my fondness for Ayurveda, I am dedicated to promoting supportive movement during labor, helping birthing individuals find positions and techniques that optimize their comfort and progress. By encouraging movement and providing guidance, I aim to enhance the birthing experience and empower families to actively participate in the process.

Another aspect close to my heart is supporting family cohesion. I recognize the profound impact of birth on the entire family unit and strive to create an inclusive and nurturing environment that acknowledges and meets the needs of each family member. By fostering open communication, offering education, and facilitating bonding opportunities, I aim to strengthen the familial connection and promote a positive transition into parenthood.

With my integrated approach, encompassing Ayurvedic principles, supportive movement, and a focus on family cohesion, I provide comprehensive and individualized care that honors the uniqueness of each family's journey. It is my heartfelt belief that by embracing complementary approaches, supporting movement, and nurturing family connections, we can create a truly transformative and empowering birth experience for all involved.


  • Tufts University School of Medicine, Master of Public Health

  • University of Toronto, Bachelor of Science (Human Biology and Genetics)


Devika Lekshmi
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