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Give birth with confidence.

In giving birth to our babies, we may find we give birth to new possibilities within ourselves.


Our service offerings encompass a wide range of personalized support, including prenatal education, continuous labor and birth support, breastfeeding assistance, emotional guidance, and advocacy.

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We provide compassionate and individualized care during pregnancy by offering emotional support, educational resources, evidence-based information, and personalized guidance to help expectant parents navigate the physical and emotional changes, make informed decisions, and feel empowered throughout their pregnancy journey.

Water Birth


We care for birth by providing continuous support, comfort measures, advocacy, and emotional guidance to birthing individuals and their families, ensuring a nurturing and empowering environment during labor and delivery.

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We provide compassionate and knowledgeable care for breastfeeding by offering education, practical support, troubleshooting assistance, and emotional encouragement to help families establish a positive and successful breastfeeding relationship.

Our doula care covers your Birth Essentials.

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What's included in our doula care? 

Our support looks like:

  • Monthly Consultations

  • Three Birth Preparation Sessions

  • In-Person Birth Place Support

  • One Birth Reflection Session

  • Unlimited breastfeeding advice for 6 weeks postpartum

Our care includes: 

  • A holistic AND scientific approach to pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • Evidence-based labor, birth, and breastfeeding information

  • Supportive activities to prepare for birth

  • Unlimited advice and collaboration on decision making

  • Grounded overview of maternity care inside a hospital

You'll receive: 

  • Two evidence-backed doulas with a passion for the physiology of birth 

We're doulas. We're researchers.
We're evidence-based doulas.

Meet Cloverleaf Doula, a duo of comforting and whole-hearted doulas who have united their backgrounds in pregnancy science and obstetrics clinical research to deliver the best doula care out there. We're the only doula partnership of active pregnancy researchers in the Boston area.

Carli, '23

"From the beginning, Alysa has a way of making you feel like you've known each other forever, and she made a really safe and nonjudgmental space to discuss anything and everything on our minds."

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Cloverleaf Doula

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Serving all of Greater Boston


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